Skinlab - reVoltingRoom Cd 2002.
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Formátum: Cd

Leírás: király metal/thrashcore, az amcsi csapat ritka '02-es nagylemeze. Klassz artwork, klassz zene. Machine Head rajongók, figyelem!
Detailed item info
Track listing
1. Intro
2. Come Get It
3. Slave the Way
4. Purify
5. Anthem for a Falling Star
6. Disturbing the Art of Expression
7. Take as Needed
8. Jesus Sells
9. Never Give In
10. One of Us/The Revolting Hotline

Producer:    Steve Evetts
Distributor:    Caroline Distribution
Recording type:    Studio
Recording mode:    Stereo
SPAR Code:    n/a

Album notes
Skinlab includes: Steev Esquivel (vocals, bass).
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, California and Trident Studios, Oakland, California.
Personnel: Steev Esquivel (vocals, bass guitar); Paul Hopkins (drums).
Audio Mixer: Andy Sneap.
Skinlab's 2002 offering, reVolting Room, comes at a career-defining moment and is an album that will either make or break this metal quartet. Even the

bandmembers themselves know this, as vocalist/guitarist Steev Esquivel stated this was "the most important album of their lives," and where prior albums

found their share of praise, the band has never quite broken through into the big leagues despite having been part of the scene for several years. ReVolting

Room finds Skinlab at a musical crossroad, as they show the first signs of turning their signature sound into a more acceptable, easier-to-digest mainstream

metal version, injecting the songs contained on the ten-song album with newfound bursts of melody. While Esquivel's singing needs work and his attempts come

across flat and monotone, it does open a whole new dimension to the group's potential, transforming this band from just another heavy metal group into one

of the more promising nu-metal bands inhabiting the scene. One positive is that the former Skinlab sound, which arguably relied on large doses of Sepultura

similarities, has now been completely re-adjusted, so in a sense reVolting Room could very well be considered the first true Skinlab album. With this album,

the band has gone to great lengths and even replaced a guitarist to evolve their musical repertoire, and on that they have succeeded. The dual-guitar

machine that is Esquivel and Snake keeps building the album extremely well, as the musicians play with heart and pull no tricks in stepping forth and

assaulting the listener with surprising riffs. Esquivel's vocals are either hit or miss, as he has one of the best screams in the nu-metal kingdom, but

certainly needs to work at smoothing out his singing and broadening his range if he wishes for the band to keep their head above water in years to come.

Songs like "Slave the Way" bring to mind Slipknot in the volatile blend of hatred and musical ferocity which throttles the listener relentlessly from

beginning to end. In a sense Skinlab has crossed the same bridge Machine Head did with The Burning Red, seeking to distance themselves from the straight-up

metal style and find open arms from nu-metal fans. Skinlab seems to have gone about this in a much more subtle way, as reVolting Room should not shut out

past fans and may have the strength to open many eyes to the Skinlab sound. In all, reVolting Room is a solid album, as tracks such as "Purify" and

"Disturbing the Art of Expression" are commendable strides in building this newfound alternative metal style Skinlab has chosen to experiment with. ~ Jason

D. Taylor

Editorial reviews
...a 10-track steamroller...of full-throttle ass-kickers that beg to be mosh-pit tested...
CMJ  (05/27/2002)

Skinlab and Machine Head have much in common. Both are from the San Francisco area, both are 90's bands with 80's thrash heritage, and most importantly, the bands sound quite similar, at least when comparing the debut albums of each. The ultra-heavy, bludgeoning riffing popularized by Machine Head is very apparent on Skinlab's "Bound, Gagged And Blindfolded". While Machine Head has been drifting slightly into nu-metal territory on their later releases, Skinlab seemed more intent on sticking to the harder, thrashier stuff, throughout their four- album career. Their third full lenght album, reVoltingRoom, was released in 2002 on Century Media and features 10 tracks.

Condition: Both inserts are in a mint condition. There are a few minor scratches on a CD’s surface but it plays perfectly.

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