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Band Of Joy ‎– 24K - Thunderbolt ‎– THBL-003 - LP - 1983 - UK - Ex/Ex


  • Kevyn Gammond – guitar, vocals
  • Paul Lockey – guitar, vocals
  • Michael Chetwood – keyboards, vocals
  • John Pasternak – bass, vocals
  • Peter Robinson – drums


A1 Submarine City  
A2 Ain't Down Yet  
A3 Plastic Bag  
A4 84-84  
A5 Capricorn Animal  
B1 When You Look  
B2 Lifeline  
B3 Machinery  
B4 Take It Easy (But Take It)  
B5 New Heaven  
B6 What Did You Expect

Band of Joy (sometimes known as Robert Plant and the Band of Joy) are a rock band from England. Various line-ups of the group performed from 1965 to 1968 and from 1977 to 1983.Robert Plant revived the band's name in 2010 for a concert tour of North America and Europe.

The band is notable for including two musicians, Robert Plant and John Bonham,[1] who went on to join Led Zeppelin; and, to a lesser degree, because the band's one-time roadie was Noddy Holder, who later went on to front the band Slade.[2]

1966 – 1968

Band of Joy was originally formed in 1966 in West Bromwich, near Birmingham, England by Chris Brown (keyboards), Vernon Pereira (guitar),[3] and singer Robert Plant. Conflicts with the band's management led to Plant leaving the group after a few months. He quickly tried to form his own Band of Joy, but it soon folded. A third incarnation of the band, including Plant's childhood friend John Bonham, lasted from 1967 to mid-1968. This line-up included Kevyn Gammond on guitar and Paul Lockey on bass. Their brand of soul and blues was popular with Birmingham mods. This line-up recorded a number of demo recordings in early 1968, but broke up in May 1968 when a recording contract failed to materialise.[4]

Albeit briefly, lead guitar duties were taken by Dave Pegg, who later played the bass guitar withFairport Convention and Jethro Tull. Pegg rehearsed with Band of Joy but did not tour with them.[5]

For a 1968 tour of Scotland, Plant and Bonham co-opted bassist John Hill (ex-Uncle Joseph) and guitarist Mick Strode to fill in a temporary line-up.

1977 – 1978

In 1977 Gammond and Paul Lockey revived Band of Joy, rounding out the line-up with John Pasternak, Peter Robinson, and keyboardist Michael Chetwood. Gammond, Lockey, Pasternak and Robinson had previously played in Bronco. The two albums recorded under this line-up went on to define the trademark cult sound of the band, with progressive melodies, blues hooks and experimentation with new sounds blending the sounds of the punk movement with classic genres of rock, blues and progressive influences. They invited Plant and Bonham to contribute to their 1978 self-titled album, but nothing came of it.[citation needed] The group released a second album in 1983 before breaking up.

Gammond later worked with Plant in his group "Priory of Brion".


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